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Joining hands with Tmall, EUROVET relaunch “The Selection” in Asia


Over the last few years, people’s lifestyle in China has been changed a lot by the rapid development of Internet. With the help of e-commerce platforms, more and new emerging brands appear on the market.

From millennials to generation Z, consumers are growing maturely in the digital/information age, and the knowledge of bodyfashion has also developed from bras to all types of intimate apparels.
On 2nd-3rd NOV 2021 at Shanghai Steel Convention Center, EUROVET joining hands with Tmall platform co-organized the Shanghai Bodyfashion brand show and “Time to Shine” fashion show. And we relaunched “The Selection”, which aims to explore brands in various styles to meet the requirement of new generation consumers.

Aurora Alba is a designer label, commits to redefining oriental sensuality and modernity. Brand was founded in Sydney by Australian Chinese designer Jessica XU in 2016. For the past years, brand has been taking care of women by providing the best know-how technology and high-end material of the word such as Chinese silk, French lace,and specially designed embroidered lace.
Aurora Alba crafts sheer and elegant lingerie to encourage women to appreciate their natural beauty, heighten the sensuality, nurture femininity, and free women’s spirit.

Crème are committed to providing exquisite embroidery and the finest fabrics for the underwear of the modern woman, whatever her style. Unbinding the aesthetic constraints on what a woman should wear, and allowing her to feel sensual in her own body. Our goal at Crème is to allow you to express your inner voice, to feel the comfort and happiness of self-love, and to bring a class and a ceremony to the clothing closest to your skin.

E14 Lingerie was founded in London in 2020 by Irenehwj, who graduated from UAL (University of The Arts London) with a degree in Fashion Contour.
A perfect combination of light sports and effortless chic, E14 aspires to be the lingerie brand for girls who dare to break the boundaries, who don’t toe the line, who are driven by their inner passion and can be rebellious sometimes, with E14 being a permanent part of their closet.

HER SENSES is created based on the concept of lingerie as fashion pieces. Its’s not designed to embrace and protect, but to express freely. The line is further blurred between innerwear and outwear. Womanhood is a flowing condition, being sculpted as time passes. Resilience and power, sensibility and sensitivity, HER SENSES is a contemporary body wear , with a brand new perspective, that voices for women of modern era.

Comfort comes first to intimate apparel.
Starts with intimate apparel, ITREE hopes to set your body free, transform "comfort" from touch to feelings, and achieve both physical and mental pleasure from body to heart.
In the fast-paced and high-pressure life, ITREE hopes to use "more comfortable essentials" to create an unconstraint and cheerful soul mate for you.

MIMI FANTASY believes that every girl can be attractive, we aim to create a comfortable, sexy and confident environment for lingerie's lovers regardless of their sizes, and help all girls, especially those who are victims of social biases and misconceptions, build self-confidence. 

Since the first collection launch in 2013, we’ve being staying true to our signature way of mixing fashion-forward lingerie, luxe loungewear and ACCs. Born in Shanghai, we revolutionized lingerie online and made it a fashion statement with colors ranging from flashy to prints, materials from laces to satins,a totally new concept nowadays in China. 

"Nai Tang Pai"  is the first brand in China that focuses on serving C + bra cup women and is the leader in the introduction of large cup bras in China.
We hope to help large bra cup women wear the right underwear, they realize the freedom of underwear and become the intimate friend of large cup girls by creating the design of bra type underwear, the size measurement method of 7-type data, and a scientific and diversified one-stop underwear solution.

The brand has two charming faces, classical and modern, closely combines arts and function, and is committed to conveying the Italian retro style and the new aesthetic taste of modern women.
Every modern woman who loves life can find the unique romantic feelings in SOLO SETA artistic home series.

THE BLENDER, a lingerie brand founded in 2018 for the modern intelligent woman, was born out of a love for colour, architecture and art, that celebrates the natural form of a woman’s body. Working out the finest customized fabric that features a delicate second-skin effect. Awaken the desire, embrace the realness.
We believe that Bodyfashion is not only about fashion, but also carries the consciousness of independence and confidence and healthy lifestyle. EUROVET (Shanghai team @COMEXPOSIUM) will continue collaborating with Tmall platform and explore more excellent bodyfashion brands in the future.

Love what you wear, wear what you love.
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