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Poly-Sensorial Textiles

@Poly-Sensorial Textiles
Clothing has moved beyond the scope of simple garments…

It is the ultimate refuge for innovations which allow us to live better, differently and more intensely.

Travel to the heart of poly-sensoriality! Interfilière accompanies evolution in consumer behaviour: far from being "disenchanted" citizens, consumers are ever on the look out for new experiences, change, new emotions. In line with their philosophy, Interfilière Paris and Interfilière Hong Kong trade shows, in partnership with the French Knitwear and Lingerie Federation, are putting emphasis on innovation and the future more than ever before.

With the interest and curiosity of industry professionals in the latest novelties in fabrics and technology, Interfilière Hong Kong is pioneering the POLY-SENSORIAL zone in Asia offering a new generation of functional textiles with long-lasting action, durable on well-being, beauty and health. In this fast moving world, take time out to learn about novelties and create new relationships with industry experts, specialists in woven fabrics, knits and textile manufacturers.

In nature, it is the fruit that is edible and not the seed. The same is true of fashion. It is the innovative garment, and not the innovation, that customers will wear.

I wish you a fruitful trade show, full of opportunities!
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